News in Review Redefining Education: Showdown in Ontario

News in Review Redefining Education: Showdown in Ontario

Since the election of the government of Mike Harris in Ontario, the public education system in that province has undergone unprecedented changes. The changes in Ontario have primarily been the result of Bill 160, a radical piece of legislation that dramatically transformed the balance of power between the provincial government, local and regional boards of education and teachers’ unions. As local boards were amalgamated and downsized, the collective bargaining system between teachers and their employers was also thrown into disarray, resulting in extensive labour disputes, the extent of which has never been seen in public education in this country. In addition, labour disruptions altered working conditions, and the increased centralized control of education has created discord and confusion among teachers, parents, students and the provincial government.

  • 1998
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  • Redefining Education: Showdown in Ontario

    Redefining Education: Showdown in Ontario

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