Project X Speed

This episode looks at things that go fast and our desire to push the limits of speed. To start, Dr. Fleck makes a trip to the Black Rock Desert to take a look at the North American Eagle, a fighter jet turned into a car that may break the current land speed record. Dr. Alters then visits the Walthamstow Racetrack in east London to find out exactly how greyhounds, the second fastest land animals on earth, are built for speed. And Dr. Gardy takes a sprint on a 60km/hour treadmill to uncover the secrets of track runners.

  • 2008
  • 00:22:39
  • 9-12
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Speed [LCSH] Speed records [LCSH] Rocket engines [LCSH] Greyhounds -- Anatomy [LCSH] Running -- Physiological aspects [LCSH] Science [LCSH] Biology [LCSH] Technology [LCSH] Physical education and training [LCSH]
Mitch Gabourie (Director), Michael Allder (Producer), Daniel Zuckerbrot (Producer), Catherine Legge (Writer), Kenton Vaughan (Producer), Brian Fleck (Host), Jennifer Gardy (Host), Brian Alters (Host), Marc Huot (Host)
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