News in Review Stockwell Day's New Alliance

News in Review Stockwell Day's New Alliance

Now that Canada has a new political party and a new political leader on the national scene, the political landscape in Canada has shifted again. As a harbinger of the forthcoming federal election, the emergence of the Alliance and a new and relatively youthful leader raise the question of how this renewal of part of the political right in Canada will affect the overall political dynamic. Stockwell Day, however, like his predecessor Preston Manning, faces the critical challenge of making a western-based party into a strong national contender against the ruling Liberals who in the past have been able to benefit from a political split on the right. The formation of the new "alliance", Day's election as party leader and the two by-elections that he and Joe Clark will contest form the backdrop for examining once again Canada’s political and social history.

  • 2000
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  • Stockwell Day's New Alliance

    Stockwell Day's New Alliance

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