Brain Games Superstitions

Brain Games Superstitions

This is a show about your brain and superstition. Superstition is a big part of our everyday lives, and the same remarkable power our brain has to learn language, find meaning in chaos and hit home runs makes us believe things that have no basis in reality. We're going to mess with your mind as we put you through a series of games and experiments that will reveal how your brain may be hardwired to be superstitious. You'll discover if someone really can read your mind and how you can do it too. So get ready to press your luck – on Brain Games.

  • 2014
  • 00:22:01
  • 13-14
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Superstition [LCSH] Brain [LCSH] Memory -- Physiological aspects [LCSH] Senses and sensation [LCSH] Hallucinations and illusions [LCSH] Optical illusions [LCSH] Perception [LCSH] Psychology [LCSH] Science [LCSH] Biology [LCSH]
Jason Silva (Host), Jerry Kolber (Producer), Adam Davis (Producer), Rebecca Ratliff Cameron (Producer), Katie Brown (Producer), Stillman Brown (Writer), Michael Nigro (Director), Andrew Egan (Production Coordinator)
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