The Canadian Experience The 13th Mission

The Canadian Experience The 13th Mission

The 13th Mission tells the true wartime story of the Lancaster bomber, the women who built it, the men who flew it, and the heroism and personal sacrifice endured on both sides of the Atlantic. In the spring of 1944 all of Europe was at war, and one million Canadians worked day and night to supply guns, tanks, ships and planes. One warplane in particular — the four-engine Avro Lancaster bomber — became a legend. Three teenaged women from rural Ontario turned their hands from farm chores and housework to shooting the rivets that held the Lancaster together. One week after D-Day, a crew of young Canadians set out on a fateful mission, flying from a British airfield through a storm of flak and night fighters to destroy Nazi supply lines in northern France. The women who build the bomber never met the men who flew it. Dedication, and the airplane itself were what they had in common. The 13th Mission is their story.

  • 2004
  • 00:48:44
  • 13-14
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