News in Review ​The Canadian Economy: Facing a Global ​Downturn

News in Review ​The Canadian Economy: Facing a Global ​Downturn

When the International Monetary Fund downgraded its global economic forecast in January 2016, it predicted Canada's economy would only grow 1.7 percent for the year. Canadian banks aren't as optimistic, settling for a mere 1.3 per cent. It’s not good news for a country that is admittedly feeling the pinch of a downturn. What's to blame? China? Slower than expected growth in the U.S.? That 70 percent plunge in oil value? Whatever the cause, Canadians are feeling the pressure. And we're paying for it with higher food prices, a tanking loonie and rising unemployment.

  • 2016
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March 2016
Canada -- Economic conditions -- 21st century [LCSH] Canada -- Economic policy [CSH] Economic forecasting -- Canada [LCSH] Fiscal policy -- Canada [LCSH] Petroleum industry and trade -- Economic aspects -- Alberta [LCSH] Food prices -- Canada [LCSH] Foreign exchange rates -- Canada [LCSH] Tourism -- Economic aspects -- Canada [LCSH] Economics [LCSH] Mineral industries [LCSH] Tourism [LCSH]
Michael Serapio (Host), Renée Filippone (Journalist), Carolyn Dunn (Journalist), Briar Stewart (Journalist), Cameron MacIntosh (Journalist), Chris Brown (Journalist), David Cochrane (Journalist)
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  • NIR-16-03 - The Canadian Economy: Facing a Global ​Downturn

    NIR-16-03 - The Canadian Economy: Facing a Global ​Downturn

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