Wave World The GB surfing team demonstrate different types of waves

Wave World The GB surfing team demonstrate different types of waves

Jon Chase is on Croyde Beach in Devon, headquarters of the junior GB surfing team. His mission is to find out what different types of waves there are and how they work. With Britain's best young surfers, Jon investigates sea waves. How come the waves travel towards the shore but the sea water does not? Using demonstrations on the beach and his animated sketchbook, Jon looks at the two main types of wave: transverse and longitudinal. Sea waves, light waves, and Mexican waves are all transverse waves. Sound waves are longitudinal waves. Teacher notes: Could be used effectively to introduce the concept of waves at the start of the topic looking at sound and light. Teachers might first recap on prior learning about how sound and light travel, by asking students to 'mind-map' what they already know. Teachers could then ask students to discuss the big question: why do waves on the sea move but the sea does not move very far? Students could use a 'slinky spring' to reinforce the explanation of transverse and longitudinal waves, with a coloured marker attached so that they can see that each link in the spring does not move along the spring, but simply moves either up and down (transverse waves) or backwards and forwards (longitudinal waves). They might then use ripple tanks to investigate different wave patterns and the reflection, refraction and superposition (adding or cancelling out) of waves. Students could analyze data on the speed of sound in different materials and use this to write an explanation using particle theory.

  • 2015
  • 00:03:33
  • 13-14
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Ocean waves [LCSH] Water waves [LCSH] Wave mechanics [LCSH] Wave-motion, Theory of [LCSH] Science [LCSH] Physics [LCSH]
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