The Nature of Things The Human Tide

The Nature of Things The Human Tide

Since 1950, the human population of the world has doubled to nearly five and a half billion people. The major factor behind our assault on the environment is the rapidly accelerating growth of the human population. The world population is exploding and we must find a way to control our numbers.

  • 1991
  • 00:44:32
  • 13-14
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Overpopulation [LCSH] Overpopulation -- Environmental aspects [LCSH] Nature -- Effect of human beings on [LCSH] Population [LCSH] Birth control [LCSH] Contraception [LCSH] Population policy [LCSH] Social sciences [LCSH] Geography [LCSH] Environmental sciences [LCSH]
David T. Suzuki (Host), Italo Costa (Director), Mike Poole (Writer), Michael Bennett (Production Coordinator)
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