The National The Indian Courthouse

The National The Indian Courthouse

Over the past decade, Winnipeg has earned an unfavourable reputation for its escalating crime rate and growing number of street gangs. In an overzealous attempt by politicians and police to reclaim the streets of Winnipeg, one of these street gangs, the Manitoba Warriors, was charged under a severe federal anti-gang law. Many critics argue that this is just another example of the deep-seated racism and unfair treatment towards aboriginal groups, especially as the Manitoba Warriors were not being charged with any violent crimes. Despite this fact, Winnipeg authorities spent over $4 million renovating an old factory to accommodate 35 gang members in the biggest trial in Canadian history. The National looks at this criminal case that asks a disturbing question: does the law apply equally to all? It's easy to say yes in principle but as this program illustrates, this is not always the case.

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