Country Canada The problem with pesticides

Country Canada The problem with pesticides

Nobody wants a wormy apple – not consumers and certainly not farmers. That's why pesticides are considered a must for today's large-scale agricultural operations. The downside is that pesticides used by farmers in the Great Lakes basin drain into the lakes, posing a threat to wildlife and, quite possibly, human health. Twenty agricultural chemicals have been identified in the lakes and some activists would like them phased out altogether. CBC's Country Canada examines one farmer's dilemma. For farmers, using pesticides is a simple matter of economic survival. And, they point out, everyone has to eat. Environmentalists say the true cost of pesticide use is rarely counted. But there is some middle ground. Under a new program, agricultural inspectors track bug infestations to help farmers minimize pesticides. The result? A 30 per cent drop in pesticide use over a decade.

  • 1996
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