The Fifth Estate The Sextortion of Amanda Todd

The Fifth Estate The Sextortion of Amanda Todd

A year after her death, most people remember Amanda Todd from her YouTube video, holding up handwritten pages describing how one mistake in front of a webcam led to her torment by bullies at school and online. But beyond that viral video, The Fifth Estate reveals a more complex and disturbing story about what happened to the B.C. teenager driven to suicide in October 2012 — not just bullying, but the deliberate sexual extortion of a 15-year-old girl by online predators. Host Mark Kelley goes deep into Amanda’s world, with never-before-seen videos and web chats from two personal laptops that her family shared with The Fifth Estate. With in-depth interviews from her mother, father and friends, Kelley reveals the untold story. The Fifth Estate investigation also reveals at least five occasions in the two years leading up to Amanda’s death when police were notified by her family or school about the blackmail attempts. Kelley asks — could RCMP have done more to protect Amanda when her family reported her repeated sexual extortion?

  • 2013
  • 00:44:02
  • 15-17
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