The Fifth Estate Thin Ice Update: Junior Hockey

The Fifth Estate Thin Ice Update: Junior Hockey

An investigation into the shocking behavior in Canada's most beloved sport.The Fifth Estate delves into the things the public does not see — demeaning initiation rites, ugly hazing and shocking rituals performed in the name of team spirit. There are also girls who attach themselves to teenage hockey stars like rock 'n roll groupies. They think of themselves as "puck bunnies" but the players call them something far worse. The behavior of all the participants, boys and girls alike, is raising legitimate questions to be asked of the adults charged with their supervision. Includes interviews with young hockey players who have undergone hockey initiation rituals, as well as a puck bunny and a young woman who claims to have been raped by several hockey players.

WARNING: This program contains disturbing images, language and subject matter. Viewer discretion is advised.

  • 1997
  • 00:29:06
  • 15-17
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Hockey Canada [LCSH] Hockey -- Canada [LCSH] Child sexual abuse [LCSH] Child sexual abuse -- Canada [LCSH] Social sciences [LCSH] Canada -- History [LCSH] Physical education and training [LCSH]
Linden MacIntyre (Journalist), Leslie Fruman (Producer)
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