News in Review ​Trudeau's Surprising Majority

News in Review ​Trudeau's Surprising Majority

Canadians went to the polls in October 2015, but this was no ordinary election. For starters, it was the longest federal campaign in recent history, and the Conservatives had held onto power in three prior elections. At the outset, the official opposition, the New Democratic Party led by Thomas Mulcair, was strong. And there was a new player leading the Liberals, but his name was not new to many Canadians – Trudeau.

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November 2015
Canada. Parliament -- Elections, 2015 [LCSH] Canada -- Politics and government -- 2015- [CSH] Elections -- Canada [LCSH] Political campaigns -- Canada [LCSH] Trudeau, Justin [LCSH] Social sciences [LCSH] Canada -- History [LCSH] Political science [LCSH]
Michael Serapio (Host), Terry Milewski (Journalist), Catherine Cullen (Journalist), Julie Van Dusen (Journalist), Susan Ormiston (Journalist), Peter Mansbridge (Journalist), Martin Patriquin (Journalist), Jonathan Kay (Journalist)
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