News in Review Ujjal Dosanjh: B.C.'s Indian-Born Premier

News in Review Ujjal Dosanjh: B.C.'s Indian-Born Premier

In an attempt to hang onto power and to stage a comeback in the court of public opinion after the resignation of Glen Clark, the beleaguered NDP government of British Columbia picks Ujjal Dosanjh as party leader and premier. The former attorney general of the province was selected following a process that itself was not without controversy. As a Canadian “pioneer”, Dosanjh becomes the first Indian-born head of government in Canada. A role model as well, the new premier has traveled far to a nation that early in the 1900s restricted Indian immigration by an order-in-council. Ironically, Dosanjh, no stranger to controversy and personal struggle, is the grandson of a revolutionary who was jailed by the British during India’s fight for independence.

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