Monster Math Squad Woofie Goes Walkies

Monster Math Squad Woofie Goes Walkies

Bad Mood Monster needs the Monster Math Squad to walk his pet monster Woofy while he attends his nephew’s party in the park. The Monster Math Squad has never met Woofy, and Bad Mood Monster rushes off only telling the Squad that Woofy is behind “the round door with the square door knob”. The Squad use their knowledge of SHAPES to get the right door, but they end up with Sticky, Monstrovia’s stickiest little monster instead! A wacky chase ensues, which ends at the park where Sticky wreaks havoc on the party balloons. Fortunately, they meet up with Bad Mood Monster, and he sets the record straight on which pet is Woofy. The day ends happily, when Goo saves the party by filling in for the burst balloons! Word of the Day: SHAPE. Math Concept: Using shapes and sizes to pick doors.

  • 2011
  • 00:12:30
  • 5-8
  • Added on: 07/30/2013
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Mathematics [LCSH]
Jeff Rosen (Producer), Charles Bishop (Producer), Michael Donovan (Producer), Katrina Walsh (Producer), William Gordon (Director)
Closed captioning
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Teacher Guide(s)

  • Monster Math Squad, Season 1 Teacher Resource Guide [.pdf]

    Monster Math Squad, Season 1 Teacher Resource Guide [.pdf]

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