News in Review Zimbabwe: Who Owns It; Who Runs It?

News in Review Zimbabwe: Who Owns It; Who Runs It?

The history in Africa – in Zimbabwe in particular – of European colonization, colonialism, land claims, self-determination and racial divide are key issues and elements in this story. In many ways the current violence, political intimidation and the rise of a powerful opposition party to Robert Mugabe and his 20-year rule are representative of the legacy of colonialism on the continent of Africa, and the instability and excesses that often follow in the wake of independence in African nations for many years. The legitimacy of the takeover of white-owned farms and the question of whether Mugabe’s actions and motives really reflect his struggle to hold onto power as opposed to genuinely attempting to resolve colonial wrongs are issues fundamental to the story.

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September 2000
Mugabe, Robert Gabriel, 1924- [LCSH] Zimbabwe -- Politics and government -- 1980- [LCSH] Zimbabwe -- History [LCSH] Zimbabwe -- Social conditions -- 1980- [LCSH] Social sciences [LCSH] World history [LCSH] Political science [LCSH]
Robert Gabriel Mugabe (Subject), Knowlton Nash (Host), Don Murray (Journalist), Morley Safer (Journalist), Jean-François Lépine (Journalist)
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  • Zimbabwe: Who Owns It; Who Runs It?

    Zimbabwe: Who Owns It; Who Runs It?

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